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You can right click a selected UI element in edit mode to hide it (I hid Inventory Grid) and you can also CTRL+Home with a UI element selected in edit mode to cycle through various sizes (USEFUL MINIMAP!!!).

You can also hold SHIFT to snap to grid and CTRL to snap to nearby UI elements ~ dinhjk added this! lock it to the grid by holding shift after dragging

/hud DutyList dlist

make a macro with

/hud sfx toggle

/hud gil toggle


USAGE: /hud [UI element] [subcommand] Toggle on/off various UI elements.

       Subcommands: Target Bar (TargetBar,tbar), Focus Target Bar (FocusTarget,ftarget) Party List (PartyList,plist), Enemy List (EnemyList,elist) Parameter Bar (ParamBar,param), Minimap (Minimap,mmap) Main Menu (MainMenu,mmenu), Server Info (ServerInfo,server) Gil (Gil,gil), Inventory Grid (InventoryGrid,igrid) Duty List (DutyList,dlist), Item Help (ItemHelp,ihelp) Action Help (ActionHelp,ahelp), LimitGauge (LimitGauge,lgauge) Experience Bar (ExpBar,ebar), Status Effects (StatusEffects,sfx)
       Subcommands: on - Show element. off - Hide element. Toggle between on/off when no subcommand is specified.